The First Cars

The Impact of Self Driving Cars

The evolution of self-driving cars is quite remarkable and is continuously improving and becoming more popular. According to Bloomberg, China has an objective that is to have about 30 million self-driving cars by the end of the upcoming decade. This aspiration is quite ambitious and is great because China is a very polluted country that contributes a lot to the world’s pollution. When comparing today’s self-driving cars to the ones from the 20th century there is a great increase in the amount and improvement in the technologic aspect of self-driving cars. For example, Elon Musk’s company called Tesla has increased the want and need for self-driving electric cars through its amazing advertisement and spectacular looks. The first self-driving car was operated by someone in a vehicle that was close by the vehicle that was driving itself, but now today at the push of a button your vehicle can automatically find the lane you’re in, and interpret the road signs, turn when needed and amazingly avoid car accidents better than a human can. Self-driving cars face many problems these days for example, maintaining eye contact, lack of trust towards the car and the price of the vehicle. Most people in their Tesla’s fail to keep their eyes on the road and their surroundings which is an obvious problem not only for the driver but for other people on the road. The lack of trust in self-driving cars is very high because it’s a fairly new piece of technology and like anything automatic machinery will malfunction sometimes.

Picture of a Tesla Semi
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