The First Cars

The History of Cars

To start off we need to know the definition of a car which a motorized vehicle with wheels whose main purpose is for transportation. Fun fact, other definitions of cars will say that the car is used mostly on roads, can carry around 1-8 passengers, has four tires and finally is mainly for people instead of goods. Now that we know the definition of a car we can now go on to the history! The first car was created in 1886 by a German inventor called Karl Benz. This gentleman will later on create a very successful Automobile company called Mercedes-Benz. However, the first car that was created for the masses was the Ford Model T in 1908 because of Ford’s incredible assembly factories which made this car more accessible to the middle-class American. Another fun fact is that it is estimated that over 100,000 patents were made for the modern car. In 1828, a gentleman by the name Ányos Jedlik created the first electric motor. Which is now today a very popular choice made by consumers.

Pic of Mr. and Mrs. Ford on first car
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