My name is Oliver and I like creating websites. I also enjoy playing sports.

Image of HTML code

This is an image of HTML code in JPEG graphic format. In the code you can see the tag div which is short for division. You can also see the ul tag which is short for unordered list. I shared this image because I am very interested in coding websites and can't wait to be able to code websites for big companies.

Map of Canada

This is an image of the map of Canada in PNG graphic format. It shows each province and a gives a legend showing the capital, international boundaries and other pertinent information. I chose this image because Canada is my favorite country because of its geographic location along with the people.


I am interested in coding. More specifically HTML for websites and other forms of coding for computer applications. This interest will take time but because it's something I enjoy I will be able to do it.


Picute of skates

My hobbies consist of a range of sports and cars. In the summer I enjoy playing soccer and throwing around a football and in the summer I enjoy skiing and occasionally play hockey with some friends.

Sites frequently visited